Day 3: Egg-cellent and Fan-glass-tic!

The name “Glass Egg” may make you think of fancy, fragile, decorative eggs but it is far from that. Glass Egg Digital Media is an art production studio and a game developer/publisher based in Saigon. This company has worked to find the best talent possible to join their team in efficiently creating the best games since 1999. Since the company has been around for twenty years now, it is one of the older companies within the field of game development. When talking with the CEO of the company, he informed us that the prediction for the next major change in the company would involve A.R. Augmented Reality is an interactive experience where the real-world environment is enhanced using images generated by a computer. The best development of A.R. so far is Pokémon Go! Although this game is a step in the right direction, the technology needed to enhance the ability of A.R. has yet to be discovered but is currently being researched. Glass Egg is always looking to have the best design for games and give the user the best quality and most interesting games they can produce.

Although Glass Egg is based in Vietnam, they send their employees across the globe to learn about specific game developing software and techniques and work with clients to discuss potential projects for the company. Since Vietnam is not a country full of game developers, such as China or Japan, there is some difficulty in finding new clients because the new clients ignore the countries that are not as well-known for game development. A positive aspect of being based in Vietnam is the limited competition with other developers. The limited competition sparks a positive relationship amongst the companies in Vietnam so they can push each other to work better but also not easily overtake one another.

Not only was the Glass Egg Digital Media site visit fascinating with the tours of offices and seeing all the projects designers were working on, the view from the 18th floor of the building was breathtaking. Being able to see the skyscrapers in the distance and the smaller homes and highways up close really gave me a new perspective of viewing the city. It was beautiful.

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