Armani and Starbucks

Today we began our morning at the Starbucks Milan Roastery. Previously a stock exchange and later a post office, the roastery sits in a huge building dedicated solely to perfecting the coffee experience. This location was the first of its kind in all of Italy and today our tour guides gave us some insight into what it is like to get into a market where the product is already so valued and engrained in the society. They showed us each step of the roasting process from bean to cup and the amount of care taken with each step was truly amazing. They care so much about what they serve to their customers and the dedication shows in the final process. They even let us taste some of the final product!

After a short break for lunch we headed to the Armani Archive museum. With over 600 iconic designs preserved to help educate the next generation, Mr. Armani has truly done his best to give back to the community he grew up in. Students have free access to work within the archival space and the four floors are nothing if not inspirational; also, the museum is open for free on each first Sunday of the month so that all Milanese residents can experience its designs at least once. It was particularly amazing to see how much detail goes in to each piece, as well just how much each museum employee cares about the work they do to keep the museum functioning. Another thing I found particularly interesting was that each design is label by date, not by who wore it. This is to ensure that the clothing, not the wearer, is the focus of the exhibit. It was absolutely out of this world and I will definitely be returning.

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