Touching Hearts at VinaCapital

VinaCapital is one of the largest investments and real estate development firms in Vietnam. The company focuses on the main three growth drivers of Vietnam’s economy: industrialization of underdeveloped areas, urbanization of the rural population, and attention to the consumption of the emerging middle class. In order to help with growth in these areas, VinaCapital invests money in foreign companies that want to manufacture their products in Vietnam because of the high skill and low wage workers. This type of investment is not only more profitable for the companies that outsource here, but it creates more jobs for the Vietnamese people and, in turn, GDP increases with the increase in consumer spending. This type of growth can be seen real-time in Vietnam with the average increase in consumption being approximately 8-9% per year. It is projected that the middle-class population rise from 20% to 30% in the next seven years which will have a very large positive impact on the country’s economy. VinaCapital works closely with the government and often offers suggestions on where they believe the market should be focused. An example of this is the encouragement to allow more privately-owned enterprises rather than the many existing state owned. It was made a point that the government is very much for the people in that they have a lot of political freedoms. This similarity in view between VinaCapital and the Vietnamese government allows for a great amount of potential for investment in the country because of the positive impact it will have on the citizens and the entire national economy.

Not only does VinaCapital help the Vietnamese economy grow through investment of foreign companies, the firm also includes a branching foundation. VinaCapital is the anchor donor and parent company of VinaCapital Foundation, a foundation that offers free surgeries to children with congenital heart defects and diseases. The foundation started the Heartbeat Project which helps children in rural areas of families suffering from poverty. The success and growth of this project allows for between 70-80 outreach clinics to be available in poor rural areas each year. These clinics not only help treat diagnosed children, but they also provide screenings in order to find those who may not have a diagnosis. With the consistent initiatives of this foundation along with the Vietnamese government, the projects are major successes and still hope for more growth. Currently over 7000 free surgeries have been provided to those in need however there are approximately 10,000 more children waiting for help. The major successes of this foundation also inspired the beginnings of educational and training programs for both surgeons and the children living in unfortunate circumstances. These programs aid in expanding the range of help available for the citizens of rural areas and encourage better health care for all. The five year goal of VinaCapital Foundation is to help create 250 more hospitals and 2500 more health care providers for both rural and urban populations.

This foundation was started by a chairman in VinaCapital who financially aided in the surgery of a child who could not afford to pay it. He decided that there cannot be a big enough impact on those who need this type of help from him alone which began the formation of VinaCapital Foundation. Thousands of lives and families are saved because one patient touched the heart of VinaCapital. VinaCapital gives back not only though their investment and development, but with continuing health care aid of families all around Vietnam.

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