Arriving in Dublin

After being in Charlotte for three days, I was ready to get to Dublin. Upon arriving, I thought I was back in the Burg. It was that spitting rain we always get in our favorite city. Some of my first thoughts on the city of Dublin is that is has changed so much since I was here last. The city seems more developed and more like an American city. Some of the first things I have noticed since arriving was the limited space, clean streets, and very friendly people. Everyone I have met so far has been so nice and have had so many great conversations with locals.

One of the things that is different from back home was the lack of pop culture here in Ireland. Ever since I have been here, I just see no advertisements, no posters about famous people, and so on. Like in the states we prop these famous up so we can sell products or get people to events. I just haven’t seen any of that in Ireland and wonder how they get their brands or companies out there. for people to know about them.

Going into our living accommodations, I have been pleased with both of our stays up to this point. Hyatt was better in my opinion, the shower closed all the way, they had a T.V bigger then 14 inches. It was just my typical hotel that I would usually stay with my family if I were to go on vacation with them. Now going into our stay so far in StayCity. StayCity has been a wonderful surprise, especially with Torrey moving out of my room and into the living room. The rooms are very small and condensed and they spend a lot more space on the living rooms and kitchens. I think this is because people in Ireland tend to go out and not stay in their beds all day, unlike some Americans. American hotels always spend their room on big beds and T.V’s because that is what people want in the states. It’s more about comfort in America and more about living in Ireland. Sorry this was a little late, I passed out last night with my computer on my lap.

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