Ireland, a Pittsburgh before Time

Pittsburgh, a place of many Irish roots is very similar to Ireland. So much so, that upon arrival apart from the Irish wording, I could have sworn we were there! However, then it started to rain in May!

Very exciting place, from landing onward we were greeted by very friendly Irish folk who showed us where to go next. The CAPA team met us at the gate and were very patient, easy to work with, and apologetic for something outside of their control. This struck me as culturally different and considerate, something I feel would not have happened in the states.

After this, we went to Brunch and CAPA gave us our Orientation and explained to us our exact daily schedules so we can schedule our own time in between and after events to checkout the city, grab new foods, and meet new people! Which has been fun so far!

We visited Foodbank a great charity that takes food from suppliers and redistributes it to charities for a fee. They also connect charities from last minute waste at local grocers for free.

Foodbank is a great business model, as they help local charities gain food from suppliers and wholesale, to donate and connect to partners with.

They are able to collect vast amounts of data on these actions and donations. With this data, they are able to create a licensable business model for other countries and sell the data insights back to the companies and charities they work with.

They analyze the data by uploading it to AWS, look for trends with Stack driver, then compare it by utilizing Project Businesss Intelligence.

In comparison, the only major difference I’d say would be culturally. I enjoyed when I walked to Citi Dublin in the rain. An old woman stopped me from leaving a store without taking her umbrella. I refused to do so and had to brush past her. However, this action was something I never would have seen in America.

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