Innovation and Ireland

Today’s site visit was to Eaton, which is a multinational power management company.

Planes. Hospitals. Factories. Data centers. Vehicles. The electrical grid. Most of these places around the world are all managed and sourced by Eaton. So no big deal or anything!

Our main goal was to talk about innovation. We were fortunate to meet with Ramanath Ramakrishnan, who is the Chief Technology Officer for Eaton. Being able to meet someone so high up in the company was very interesting.

This was my favorite site visit so far. It was very interactive with an “innovation lab” team workshop. They also inspired me with their ambitious goals to make the world a better place. I loved how the company also incorporates sustainability behind it all.

On the topic of innovation, I am actually very interested in working for a company that welcomes innovative mindsets and forward thinking. Ever since I was little, I’ve always tried to break the norms. I never try to follow society’s expectations. I try to break out of the mainstream as much as possible.

I am also a perfectionist, which can be a weakness and a strength but it means I’m always looking for the next big thing. My expectations are high and I never settle. I believe this contributes to an innovative mindset.

As for skills, I have background in databases, programming, and website design. Although my skills are very basic, I can say I have a beginners proficiency in modern coding and technology, which is the future for our generation. This all contributes to me being forward thinking.

I am insanely curious and love to learn about new things. This love of learning will also help me. So naturally, I believe I’m a pretty innovative person.

However, I can definitely increase my abilities to be even more innovative! One thing is that I struggle with “thinking outside the box.” I realized this when I did the escape room in Charlotte, and struggled to find out new solutions to the riddles and problems. I think many people struggle with this too, as humans are psychologically built to follow routines and sticking with the familiar. So even though I prefer to break rules and norms, I still struggle with “thinking outside the box.”

I also want to learn how to be more open with my thoughts. I tend to shy away from speaking my mind, being scared that others will think it’s a bad idea. However, today at the Eaton site visit I learned the concepts of mind maps and effective brainstorming sessions. This enables you to be free and not be restricted. You can write everything and anything on your mind, only to cross out the bad ideas AFTER the initial brainstorming. These concepts will allow me to be less scared about sharing my thoughts.

Overall, with my majors being Business Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, my future career entails a lot of innovative thinking. So hopefully I’m prepared to meet the demands of an innovative and forward thinking company!

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