Los Federales

Today we learned that he Argentine government is a federalist system, similar to the United States’ government. Federalism is defined by a weaker central body of government with many stronger individual bodies. In the case of Argentina, like the US, these smaller bodies are states. Federalism can have several positive and negative effects in general and also in healthcare. One positive side to federalism is a better understanding on a national level. For example, this allows states to voice all of their concerns and opinions on specific matters and a general consensus can be reached. This understanding can also be reached on a state level, instead of a central government controlling every state, state governments can control their personal matters. Another positive example is the system of checks and balances that does not allow for the central government to take over and dictate power amongst states. A disadvantage of the federal system is that state governments will try to exert power over the others. If each state wants to exert authority over the other the government will be much less effective due to this conflict. A second disadvantage of federalism is a shift in the opposite direction from nationalism. The development of several state governments can lead to the states acting as independents instead of a nation as a whole. This can lead to several issues between states on certain matters. In terms of health, an advantage of federalism would be that specific states in Argentina can allow for certain treatments and care for their people. It would be much harder to assure constant care over an entire nation from only one central body. Instead making it each state’s duty to care for its citizens is more effective. A disadvantage of a federal health system would be that states may develop different health standards and allow for certain vaccines and treatments other states may not agree with. It would take a great deal of time and discussion to allow every state to agree on every specific health matter. A general idea of standards could certainly be reached though, which could be considered an advantage, but states can always deviate from this with their own power. Many other states will also have better technology or better doctors, leading some parts of the country to be generally healthier than others. In Argentina, this disadvantage today can be seen in the state of Cordoba which deviates from the Ministry of Health in Argentina in instances discussed today such as the physician’s test which could lead to doctors there being less qualified. The topic of a federalist health system can be quite interesting and it can benefit countries as long as all states are on the same page in terms of financing, technology and standards.

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