Strength, Skills, and Jameson

John Jameson was a pioneer and created the only whiskey company to survive the depression and prohibition.

Today was a very sunny day in Dublin, which is very rare! So, we ended up going to Griffith College and Eaton today. Eaton is all about power management systems, specifically electric, mechanical, and fluid. The CTO even came in to give us some words of advice and tell us more about what Eaton is. They may even be in your house (Circuit Breakers). Anyways, the blog today will be covering my strengths and skills and personal characteristics that will help me innovate and skills I may want to cultivate in the next years.

My strengths, excluding my Strengthsfinder results, are leaning toward the career paths I am considering for my life anyways. My first strength, is, well, my physical strength. I love fitness as a hobby as well as a career. I am highly considering a side career in personal training, focusing on physique goals as well as strength. I like to arrange my own training schedule to a hybrid of power lifting and body building, which is called powerbuilding. Powerlifting is focused around the main three lifts deadlift, bench, squat moving heavy weight efficiently. The body building portion is focused around the “pump”, which is a short term physiological change where blood coagulates to a muscle under tension, because the body is using a mass amount of nutrients to supply energy/recovery to the muscle fibers. Personally, my body building training is heavily inspired by one of the most successful body builders, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I find that my knowledge of training has helped me and other’s in their fitness journeys; however, there is always new data coming out and paring this with a base line in nutrition is vital for major changes in body composition.

My next strength that would help me along my career, whatever it may be, is my creativity. I have always played an instrument since the middle of elementary until present day, and even attended college for a year as a music major with a focus in audio engineering. This has always been the base and inspiration for my activities, whether it be in fitness or everyday life. Another related creative activity of mine is filming and the use of editing. This can be a skill that I will never perfect and will always improve, which can help me in my career of advertising/marketing. I believe my creative features makes me a very appealing applicant to the marketing field of business and the current strengths I have will always need improvement, which will come with continuous practice and use.

These two strengths and paired skills that come with, help me to innovate in my goals and current lifestyle. Assuming the definition of innovate is to introduce new efficient methods and get them accepted by society, my skills would help majorly in innovation techniques or ideas. In the personal training world, nothing is suppose to be cookie-cut techniques. Everybody’s body is different and needs slightly different nutritional values and training plans to accommodate their goals. The innovation behind this career is that you are your brand and the product is the results you can help achieve, learning about past diets and techniques can help a personal trainer come up with unique routines that are efficient and enjoyable for clients. As for a musician/videographer in an advertising world, creativity is in the eye of the beholder. Art can mean a different thing to everyone, and honing the skills of shooting or playing can help target a niche segment where you will succeed in a career, because you are unique and your followers or fans will most likely follow.

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