Eaton Corp. & Innovation

Day three of being in Dublin and the site visit we had today was Eaton Corporation Inc. Eaton Corporation is a power company founded in the United States with the corporate headquarters being in Dublin. During our visit, we split into groups and came up with examples of how artificial intelligence could play a role to help increase efficiency in companies. Overall, we learned that innovation continues on in existing organizations, as technology is constantly changing and Eaton Corporation is a great example of this.

This is something I will have to keep in mind going into my future careers. Some skills and strengths that I have that will allow me to innovate in my future career are my ability to adapt to change, my desire to achieve, and being detail oriented. Being able to adapt to change would help greatly as technology is continually progressing and being able to adapt to it is key in businesses today. Also, the strength of being an achiever will help with innovation as you need to want to be successful to accomplish goals. Without the desire or need, change would not happen. Lastly, being detail oriented is also important when innovating because little details in establishing change in a company are just as important as the big picture. Without accomplishing the small tasks, the end goal would not be achieved.

Some skills that I want to cultivate over the next couple years would be to enhance my computer skills and knowledge. I have learned a lot of terms and ideas from my Business Information Systems (BIS) classes, but I’m looking forward to learning more during the next couple semesters as I take more BIS classes. I feel that this will give me an upper hand when working at organizations looking to innovate and will increase my adaptability skills. I’m interested to learn more about companies and their plans for innovation during the site visits we take next week in Dublin.

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