Buenos Artes in Buenos Aires

It’s Saturday and we are officially halfway through our trip. Time has flown by so far and I really don’t want it to ever end. Today, we started our day with a trip to the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. While there, we took a walk throughout the neighborhood to admire some of the street art. All of the street art was very cool and colorful and covered a wide range of different subjects. When we were done our art tour, we had an hour of free time to explore Palermo however we wanted. My friends and I decided to go to the street market around a park in Palermo. There was a lot of different types of good souvenirs to bring home for my family, however, I decided to hold back today to wait for our visit to Tigre in a couple of days. After our free time, we went to a restaurant that we joked was owned by Adam Levine because they only played Maroon 5 for the twenty minutes we were there. However, the service at Adam Levine’s restaurant was horrible, so we moved restaurant to a place that was a bit nicer. There, I got steak and fries for lunch and enjoyed fondue for dessert.

After lunch, we went to MALBA, a modern art museum. While there, we walked around the first and second floors which featured modern art and photography. To be honest, I wasn’t very attached to most of the photography floor. However, I really enjoyed walking around the first floor more focused on modern art. My favorite art that I saw on the modern art floor is pictured below with Loren standing next to it. I don’t remember the name of it but it was a water drop container half filled with actual water. I really liked the contrast between the different shades of blue spots throughout the water drop. It felt like it had almost an intergalactic space theme with the different shades of blue and the tiny dots representing stars. The bigger circular dots were cool because that’s where the blue light was showing through. Overall, I just thought this piece of modern art was a very well done and relaxing piece to observe.

MALBA concluded our program activities of the day. Overall, today was a very fun, relaxing day after a week filled with lectures and site visits. I am very excited to visit the Estancia tomorrow!

The Water Drop Art
Squad at the Park

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  1. Brenda Sweeney says:

    So glad you are having one of the best times of your life! Continue to embrace the culture and enjoy your learning 😊

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