La Rosa de Palermo

Today was our first fully cultural day, which took us wandering through the mural painted streets of Palermo SOHO and to the MALMO museum of modern art. The vibrancy of the area, shown both through the bright colors painted over all of the walls and the bustling tent shops that had been set up for the weekend, truly created a community feel and upbeat vibe. My personal favorite piece of art from the day was a chalk drawn rose on the inside of a quaint coffee bar. It was accompanied with the quote, “Es el tiempo que has perdido en tu rosa lo que hace a tu rosa tan importante”. This roughly translates to “it’s the time that you have lost in your rose which makes your rose so important”. The symbolism with both the rose and the quote really struck a chord with my mind as it began to draw parallels between itself and my trip here to Argentina. A rose is a very temporary flower, you can water and care for it all that you want, but eventually it is going to wither away and die. Just like the rose, my trip here is temporary; I have no way to freeze time, as much as I wish I could. What I came to learn from this quote was that it is the time that I am spending here learning about the inner workings of the health care system and the culture and society as a whole that is making this trip worthwhile. It is a valuable trip because it is happening and I have invested the time in it, not simply because of the days I have left to experience. Some people save their rose petals as they grow old and dry, keeping them for safe keeping. I hope to do the same with both the knowledge and understanding I have gained along this trip and hope to put it to good use some day. I have to remember not to lament when this experience has ended, but instead celebrate all that it has brought me because of the time that I have lost in it.

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