Day 7:

With a slightly later start this morning we started off our day with a trip to Palermo. Palermo is one of the surrounding neighborhoods to Recoleta here in Argentina. It is known for its shopping, street art, and restaurants. Today we took a walking tour to see some of the truly impressive art that paints its streets. My favorite part was walking through the street market where I was able to find hand crafted gifts to bring back to my family and friends.

Next, we took the bus to the MALBA museum, which is the museum of Latin American Art. The museum was divided by floor, the top floor being photography and the second floor being oils and paints. Personally, I did not love walking through the top floor of the museum. I have always found pieces with oils or paints to be the most impressive. While many of these I did not understand one piece in the museum truly stood out to me. The piece was called “The Disasters of Mysticism”. It’s an oil canvas done by Robert Matta in 1942, which can be seen on the left. When I first saw this piece, I was stunned by its darkness and multitude of things occurring throughout. I couldn’t understand what it was really depicted either, so I then turned to its title. Before today I did not know what Mysticism is. To me, the fact that I felt moved to google the term and discover its relation to the piece really shows me how impactful the picture was. Mysticism is a religious concept explaining that one can only truly connect to the higher power if one thinks intently on surrendering thyself.

I am still not sure that I truly understand what this means in terms of the piece, but I can recognize the idea it portrays. To me this piece just stood out the most among the others as it was a spiral of different colors and also had a different intensity to it than the surrounding pieces. Overall, today was one of my favorite days as our group really got to experience more of the Argentinean culture.

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