Día Siete: My Kind of Day

Here’s to the weekend! Today was our first full non-academic day in Buenos Aires and it was a great one. Savanna and I started the day with a stop to the coffee shop down the block. It turned out to be quite comedic given I ordered a mint chocolate frappe and was served crushes ice with mint and hot chocolate powder. I am not sure who likes that drink to start their morning, but it is not me.

Shortly after, we hopped on the bus and headed to Palermo, the neighborhood that it home to Buenos Aires’ art district. We got to walk around and look at all of the beautifully vibrant flowers, murals, and culture. In particular, there was an alleyway covered in murals with every color, pattern, and image you can possibly imagine. It was stunning and the perfect place for us to get some group photos.

On our walk, we came across a shopping square with local vendors selling crafts, handmade jewelry, fresh produce, and more. There were many retail shops as well. here I was able to get my very own mate cut, a ring, and a handmade sketchbook that I can not wait to fill with art inspired by this trip.

After shopping and some miscommunications with our first restaurant of choice, we have a cute and delicious lunch of bread, pasta, and, most importantly, chocolate fondue for dessert. Once conversations and meals were finished up, we headed to the highlight of my day: the MALBA.

Being a fan of art and general, and more specifically Latin American artists, I was extremely excited to see pieces from some of my favorites. The first floor we visited was full of photography and the second floor was paintings and sculptures.

Being a Frida Kahlo super fan, my favorite piece in the whole museum was her painting “Self Portrait with Monkey and Parrot.” Seeing her work is always striking to me with vibrant colors and detailed backgrounds. I also feel humbled when I get so close to painting from an artist that is so famous and I admire so much. It is like being in the presence of a celebrity. It is also a special experience to be able to look at the individual brush strokes and really understand the artist’s technique. Seeing her work and all the other work in the museum has really inspired me to make more art when I get home.

¡Hasta mañana!

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