While in Monteverde one can’t hope but think about how the Quakers who came in the 1950s affected the land and how foreign investors to this day continue to change Costa Rica.

For one at least recently the Quakers have worked to conserve Costa Rica. At Life in Monte Verde, they are trying to make their operation as sustainable as possible. This really helps Monteverde especially today as they more heavily rely on ecotourism. Having the Biodiversity in the area really helps them bring in more tourists and thus having the Quakers help conserve the land is an overall benefit to Monteverde.

Similarly, foreign investment in the area is also good. As it is often more difficult and expensive to run a sustainable business the foreign investment helps with that. Not having as large as a profit margin means that the business in Monteverde or even Costa Rica as a whole won’t have the funds to develop the infrastructure necessary for ecotourism, or at least not as fast. Instead, foreign investors with those types of funds, and who would benefit from that infrastructure, can help bring in the money necessary to develop such things.

Notably, the foreign investors especially those involved in the tourism industry for Costa Rica have a vested interest in conserving the land. The great wildlife and Biodiversity fuels the ecotourism into Costa Rica. As such foreign investors need to consider sustainability as failure to do so could cause them to lose their investments in Costa Rica.

Overall the Quakers and the flood of foreign investors have helped Costa Rica not only develop but also conserve their local wildlife. “Gringolandia” with all of its investors and newcomers is overall a good thing for Costa Rica.

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