On we go…to North Korea?

Well it is our last day in Seoul and we have perhaps saved the best for last. Today we went to the DMZ and then we followed that up with a Han River Cruise. Around 9 o’clock we met after breakfast to get on the bus and take the hour-long trip from Seoul to the DMZ, where we had many stops and places to visit. The DMZ is the demilitarized zone that serves as the border between North Korea and South Korea. It is 4 kilometers wide, 2 kilometers on each side of the actual border. This demilitarized zone served as part of the solution when the North and South agreed upon a cease fire. Our first stop after entering the DMZ was a train station that was built and can be used to take a train to Pyeongyang, North Korea if the two countries can agree upon a unification.

After that we went to an observation building that you can go to look into North Korea. At the observation building you can even vaguely see one of the North Korean towns that is near the border. After that we got to go into the third tunnel that was found by the South Koreans, these tunnels were built by the North and believed to be part of a plan to attack and take over Seoul. We had to leave everything we had in lockers and wear helmets as it gets narrow and short within the tunnel and you would hit your head. It was pretty cool to see even though it was almost a mile-long walk down and up a steep hill tunnel. After that we got some free time to walk around a museum that shows some old pictures and things while it talks about the history of the DMZ and the conflicts around it. Then it was time to leave the DMZ, however, we stopped at an area right outside the DMZ where there is plenty of places to eat and an amusement park. After some free time, we got on the bus and went to the Han River for our cruise. It was about a 45 minute cruise on the Han River and it was such a beautiful experience as the weather was great and all of the views were amazing.

Then we went back to the hotel for a short amount of time before we went as a group to get some Korean BBQ. Korean BBQ was a great experience and was one of my favorite meals we had so far. After a long day and week we went back to hotel so that we could rest and pack before leaving in the morning.

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