Day 4: Way More than Just Tires

A Gorgeous View from the Stone Bridge in Regensburg

Today before our tour of Continental, we decided to tour the city of Regensburg. We began to embark on our long journey to Regensburg at eight in the morning. Regensburg, in my opinion, is very similar to Augsburg. It is a city that has a lot of rich history, very gothic buildings, and other similar styles of architecture you would see in Augsburg buildings. This city also reminded me how much different German cities are from American cities because there seems to be so much less noise and traffic going on within the prime areas of the cities.

After our wonderful tour through the prestigious Cathedrals and neighborhoods of Regensburg, we went to Continental for our next company visit. Continental’s business operations and products seemed very similar to the products made by Hirshvogel, however, they are renowned for their production of tires. Like Continental, I felt that this company visit was definitely trying to appeal more to engineers because they kept pushing the importance of innovation to everyone. However, from the presentations given to us, I was able to take away some very important information. Such as the future of cars can be described by the acronym ACES. Which stands for Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared. Another valuable thing I was able to take away from Continental’s presentations was the fact that Continental may not be able to thrive as much in the future due to the German Government’s lack of investments in Artificial Intelligence.

While touring Continental’s electronics manufacturing site, I felt that again my lack of engineering experience did allow myself to fully understand the information I was being presented. However, I was still able to find many things interesting such as the presence of the delivery robots in Continental who are programmed to recharge themselves. Also, I now know that Continental does way more than just tires and to my amazement, they are quite a diversified company.

After touring Continental, we went back into the main area of Regensburg for dinner at a place called Weltenburger. I decided for dinner to finally try schnitzel. I really enjoy schnitzel because it tastes very similar to the chicken cutlets my mom makes at home. The schnitzel I had with my dinner was also served with some great potatoes and onions as well.

After dinner, it was time to take on the challenge of an extremely long ride home without trying to fall asleep after such a heavy dinner. Unfortunately, I was not able to conquer this challenge and fell asleep for about half of the bus ride. When we got back to the hotel I struggled to get out of the bus but finally was able to will my way to bed after such a long day.

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