Navigating Around Ireland

Today is our fifth day in Dublin and we visited Howth, which is a fishing town in Dublin. These past few days we have used multiple forms of transportation to get to places. For example we have been using taxis, public buses, The Dart (train), Uber, and have also done a lot of walking. When I first arrived in Dublin I did not have a good sense of direction and often got confused on where I was. We have been travelling a lot in groups so it made it easy to rely on others to get to places.

If I had to travel to Howth on my own this morning I would have done some prior research on The Dart so I would know what train I needed to get on and what stop to get off at. In addition, I would also look into what there is to do in Howth so I had a plan in place of where I was going instead of walking around aimlessly. If I did all of these steps prior to leaving for Howth then I do believe that I would have been able to make it there on my own.

I am one who is usually not good with directions and always have to rely on Google maps to get me places. Navigating on my own would definitely make me nervous especially being in a different country. If I were to encounter any obstacles along the way I would make sure to stay calm and focused and would use Google maps or ask people around me for help.

If I learned one thing about travelling on this trip it would definitetly be to have a back up plan when travelling and to be prepared for the unexpected. You can never rely on everything to always work out when travelling. Our cancelled flight affected the rest of our trip since we had an unexpected visit in Charlotte that we were not prepared for and had to alter our daily schedule in Ireland. This has taught me to be adaptable, understanding, go with the flow, and to make the best out of any situation. I feel that I will be able to apply these skills when travelling in the future.

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