Day 6 – Faurecia, Foraseea, Foryashia?

May 10th, 2019

Today is the final company visit of the week and marking the half way point of our trip. Still can’t believe all the things we’ve seen in such a short amount of time. This site was still located in Augsburg so we only had a short tram ride to get there. We left for the Konigsplatz at 8:20 and got to Faurecia around 9. It was raining on our walk to the tram but stopped around the time we got to Faurecia and got a little humid. 

After checking in with our ids, we entered for a short introduction. The company is focused on seating and engine parts. The Augsburg location focuses on cold and heat testing mufflers and other exterior and interior part s as well as clean mobility.   Personally while walking through the resting center I felt the most confused so far. I didn’t think I had a very high appreciation for what they were doing, but a lot of the car lovers in the group understood a little more than me. 

One of the HR members did a presentation after our tour. Some of the things that stuck out to me were 

  • 30% of the company is women
  • They supply to premium, entry level, and sport cars for all product areas 
  • They provide multiple internships for the European students and extensive apprenticeships 
  • There is not one way to say the company

While, at some points this was an interesting tour at points, this company’s group had to The presenter also told us about their expansion into the shipping industry to present more clean mobility.

Following the presentation, we took the tram back to the university. Here we had a scheduled politics lecture by Sebastatian GeBler. He was a student at the university and has his phd in political sciences. He taught us more regarding the political state in Germany and the upcoming Green Party. Sebastian works for this party currently. During his presentation we saw the fall of the social democrats and the rise of new smaller parties. This was comparable to all the various parties on the US. He also taught us about the different parts of the government and the differences in legislation.  

We didn’t have much planned after this, so the program ended quite early today. Many people still k around the university to meet with their groups regarding final presentations. I couldn’t meet because our group isn’t available until Sunday, but we already divided up the responsibilities.  Because of this, I just headed back to campus with a few other students just to work on my blogs! 

For dinner we went back to Vapiano’s again for round 2! We liked it so much the first time we wanted to go again, and give some others the chance to try it as well! I got a strawberry and goat cheese salad. It was delicious (which was expected for Vapiano’s).

It was nice having a somewhat calm and relaxing day before the week gets busy again! This weekend we have no site visits, only tours and city visits!

Tomorrow: Munich for the whole day and dinner in the city! 

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