Day 7: Munich is much more than just Beer and Pretzels

Day seven has begun and we will be taking the train to Munich to explore the city for the entire day. I had heard from the German students how different Munich would be from Augsburg, but I was not exactly sure what that entailed. The train ride was fast and easy, so before I knew it we were walking to the City Center of Munich. As we traveled down the main road I was tempted to stop in so many stores, but we had to meet our tour guide.

Munich exceeded every expectation I had. Every way I turned there was architecture that was far more detailed and intriguing then what I had seen in Augsburg. We started of in Marienplatz and got to marvel at the gorgeous Town Hall. Crowds of people gathered in front and waited for the signal of the bell before the statues that were featured would begin to play out a skit. These figurines were double an average human size, but seemed so small at the top of the building. The rest of the tour covered so many different parts of Munich. Although it was getting colder throughout the day, I enjoyed everything the tour guide taught us about Munich. Unlike Augsburg and cities I am used to at home, I was very confused about they layout of the city. All of the building are roughly the same height, which makes it difficult to swiftly travel throughout the city. Many small side streets connect different parts of the city that offer a variety of different atmospheres.

Following the tour all the students got together and went to Hofbrauhaus. The German students immediately stamped this restaurant as a major tourist attraction, although some locals do eat there often. The problem with eating with over 20 people without planning ahead is the large amount of time to eat and pay. Although we spent a lot of time eating, I enjoyed that I was able to have chicken with traditional German sides which is relatively hard to find in a place that serves mostly different variations of pork.

After lunch a group of five Pitt students walked around the city with Maxi, one of the German students. Together we climbed the clock tour that offered an aerial view of the entire city. From one side we could see as far as the Alps that we had visited earlier this week. We could also see various landmarks the tour guide took us to, such as the Town Hall, Market, English Gardens and so much more. This view helped me understand the layout of the city much more, but I still was amazed about how large and complicated it was to get around.

The next stop we took was to see the natural waves that were created after the building of the canal within the English Gardens. Although I do not carry an avid interest in surfing culture it was incredible to see the locals who would go there on an average day to ride these waves. It amazed me that this attraction that was surrounded by beautiful gardens sat so close to the main city center. Central Park is an amazing place to visit in New York City, but this park was unlike anything I had ever experienced at home.

There was a very small amount of time left before we had to meet up with the rest of the group to make our way to dinner. After stopping in a shop or two we started to walk back to Marienplatz. As we grew closer to the center we heard various shouts and music. As we got closer we realized there was a large protest right in front of Town Hall. Maxi read the signs and informed us that it was an anti-abortion protest. Although I live in Washington, DC I have never experienced a protest of that type so close. It was not long we stayed in the city center before going to dinner at Hans im Glueck Isarpost. This was easily the best dinner of the trip because of their amazing chicken sandwiches and sweet potato fries. The restaurant also featured bamboo trees that made it much more modern then anywhere we had seen before in Germany. After the busy day we boarded our train back to Augsburg.

Highlight of the Day: Climbing the clock tower in Munich.

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