Day 5: I want Iron Man’s Audi

Today is the day of my company’s tour, Audi. A few months ago when I was assigned to this group I was so excited that this was my company. I love Audi’s cars and I’m super interested in how their assembly line functions. I was not at all disappointed during the tour.

It took roughly an hour and a half to reach Ingolstadt, Audi’s global headquarters. As soon as we arrived, I knew this was going to be a great day because of the shear size of the Audi forum. The plant itself is huge, spanning 29.5 million square feet. While we were waiting for the tour, we were allowed to look at some of their cars on display. I liked all of them but I especially liked the convertible TT convertible in the fiery orange color. The car itself was so luxurious and comfortable. I wanted to drive off with the car at that exact moment and go for a ride on the Autobahn.

The Audi TT

We then started the tour off with an overview of Audi and its plant here. I was very impressed with how well their plant was laid out and designed to be incredibly efficient. During the first part of the tour, we saw a lot of robotic arms assembling the main body of the cars. It was so impressive because we saw very few people throughout this portion of the tour as all of the work was done by robots. The efficiency of the robots was also astonishing, as they were able to work flawlessly while still being very quick.

Next, we moved on to the final assembly of the cars. Here, the car bodies had been painted already and were on giant conveyor belts. Teams of roughly 10 workers worked on several key points on the assembly line, adding components like the windows or the center console. It was so seamless and very efficient. I was blown away by how efficient the process was. Some of the workers were able to sit on chairs mounted to robotic arms that followed the pace of the conveyor belt, allowing the worker to easily move along side the car.

After the incredible tour, we ate lunch in the Audi cafeteria where I got schnitzel for a second time. It was just as good as the first time and might be my favorite food here. I also had some kiwi lemonade and gelato which was all so good. After lunch we toured the Audi museum and got to see a lot of the older cars. I’m not as much of a car fan as two of my friends, but I still liked to see all of the older models.

The Audi Group

After checking out the museum and eating lunch, we had a presentation from two businessmen at Audi. I was able to ask them a lot of my engineering questions and they were able to answer for the most part. I loved the presentation and the attitude the company has towards making all of its cars and plants emission free in the future. I was very impressed by the Audi E-Tron, their first fully electric vehicle. The Audi E-Tron GT was also talked about because it was featured in Avengers:Endgame as Iron Man’s car. If I had a million dollars lying around, that would definitely be where I’d spend it. After the tour, we thanked our presenters and went back to Augsburg. By this time it was pretty late so a group of us went to get Doner again. It was just as good as the first time we got it. All in all, today was a great day.

The Audi E-Tron GT

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