Day 7: Place of the Monks

Unfortunately, my day on Saturday did not start off so great as I imagined it to be. I was told that we had about two minutes to get downstairs and I just got out of the shower. Luckily, I was able to get downstairs on time. However, I was not able to eat breakfast before we left, and I knew this was going to come back and bite me in a bad way. Anyway, after my moments of complete chaos to start the morning, we set off on our journey to Munich on a train. On the train on the way to Munich, I was having a great conversation with a Canadian man who always visits Augsburg due to the fact that his daughter works in the English Theatre department at the University of Augsburg. When we finally reached Munich, we began our tour with our tour guide Dorthea. Dorthea was a great tour guide who taught us about some of Munich’s most important people, such as Ludwig the first and third. At the beginning of our tour, we were able to see the moving statues at the Munich town hall which was a beautiful site to see. Later, we then walked around most of Munich passing the famous Hofbrauhaus and went through so many cool passageways and malls that had department stores in them. After our tour ended, we were given four hours of free time to explore Munich. Our group decided to be the ultimate Munich tourists and go back to enjoy a meal at the original Hofbrauhaus. At the Hofbrauhaus, I finally was able to try some Bratwurst. Which I thought was excellent when combined with some sauerkraut and a large Bavarian Pretzel.

After my delicious Bratwurst, I went up the steps in the St. Paul’s Church to see nearly all of Munich from 50 meters in the air. After going up the tower, we decided to go see the famous Munich surfers at the Eisbach. Unlike your average American surfers, these surfers had to wear some type of special boots due to the plethora of rocks is the rivers that could present a hazard to anyone surfing in the Eisbach. Afterward, I wanted to buy some more gifts for my family and friends. I was able to also find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mom. After my four hours of free time, I went back to where the tour began that morning. From the meeting point, we went out to dinner in Munich. I enjoyed a scrumptious burger and some delightful sweet potato fries at Hans im Glueck Isarpost. I had a wild western burger that came with cheese, barbecue sauce, and onions. Our day then ended after we got back to our hotel and I told myself I was going to do some blogging and research for my company but I passed out at 9:30 that night and did not wake up until 8:30 am the next day.

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