Day 8: On the Ranch

For all of the high schoolers that have made the choice to come to Pitt, I highly recommend going on Plus3 Argentina. So far, this trip has been filled with a variety of experiences. I am so happy I made the decision to come. The site visits earlier in the trip helped me to learn more about the healthcare industry, which is the main objective of the course. Spending this weekend partaking in more cultural experiences made me feel like I know more about the country as a whole. This well rounded experience is much better than simply going on vacation in my opinion. As I explain throughout the post, today was the perfect example of an adventurous day abroad. Should you choose to apply for the Plus3 program, you should choose to come here!

Today was a very exciting day in Argentina! We went north west of the city to a ranch about an hour and twenty minutes away from where we are staying.

As soon as we arrived for the day we were greeted with empanadas. We then explored the ranch for about an hour, seeing all the different kinds of animals. I did not know that there were so many different varieties of chickens. My favorite part about the ranch was the peacocks that roam freely across the property. We also met a parrot named CoCo. She would imitate different people in our group, and sometimes it sounded like she was screaming. After the exploring, we all came together to have an extravagant lunch. Everyone on the property gathered in a large dining hall that held about 150 people. The waiters brought out food every fifteen minutes, starting with appetizers followed by asado, or barbecue. Asado is a common form of cooking meat here in Argentina. While we all ate together, several people performed on stage. A man came to sing songs from across the world, and he had a very beautiful voice. Additionally, a couple performed various traditional dances from all over Argentina. The way the dancers moved along with their facial expressions made it seem like they were telling a story. I really enjoyed hearing the music and watching their graceful movements. I am now very excited for our tango lesson next week! Following our large meal, we were treated to a Gaucho performance. The Gaucho are similar to the cowboys of the United States, and they are known to care greatly for their horses. Throughout the performance the Gaucho were racing and doing tricks, like spearing rings and hoops.

At the end of the day, we were treated again to more food. I was able to try mate, a traditional tea. Although I had often heard that the drink was very bitter, I liked the taste.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to thank my mom for giving me the opportunity to come to Argentina. Although I am not with you, I am thinking of you today! I love you!

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