Gimme Moher, Moher, Moher

Between yesterday and today we have gotten to put on our tourist hats, opposed to our business suits. I know nobody wants “to look like a tourist”, but when you are in a new country sometimes you just need to do some touristy attractions. The bulk of yesterday was shaped around a bus trip to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher. The bus ride out (about 3 hours) was almost as entertaining as our time at our actual destinations, with our bus driver giving us all kinds of Irish trivial and history along the way. He was an interesting man, one might say he was a “cheeky little bugger” entertaining us as he took jabs at us, himself, the British and the current state of affairs in the U.S. political space. He clearly was not a Trump fan and wasn’t afraid to express it.

The Cliffs of Moher were everything I had hoped they could be, it was the one place I had really wanted to go this trip and it did not disappoint. Sunny, cool but not cold, and next to no wind, perfect weather for being outside and hiking the trail. I haven’t had time yet to look over the pictures I took yet, but I fear they simply wont do the cliffs justice. I’m still learning how to use a camera nicer than a cell phone, and I haven’t quite learned to adjust for lighting yet. The sun seemed to have washed out all the natural beauty of the greens covering the cliffs. I hope to attach a picture to this blog and then post more to my social media accounts this evening after we return from Howth.

The second stop on our day trip yesterday was Galway, which is an adorable little city on the eastern side of the country about an hour away from the cliffs. I’m not sure that Saturday was the best day to head our there though, there was just so many people there. If you’d like to see pictures of Galway you’ll have to look them up on your own I tried taking about 3 before I just gave up completely, again, because there were just people everywhere and there was no chance of getting a clear shot at any of the beautiful little shops or pubs that lined the streets. If I was staying in Ireland longer and on my own time, I’d like to return to Galway during an off day or two and explore the city more with out having to fight through the crowds of all the bloody tourist!

Today we are of to visit a village called Howth, which I’m sure I’ll be updating everyone one either today or tomorrow, depending on hour the journey unfolds. If I had an extra week or two in Ireland this is exactly the type of thing I’d want to do. Just work my way around the smaller city’s and larger villages and take it all in, and learn how to use my damned camera!

Final thought: Moher money, Moher problems. (I like puns)

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