Fish n Cliffs

Our day began at 6:45 AM when we piled on a tour bus, headed for the Cliffs of Moher and Galway. Cliffs of Moher is the second biggest tourist attraction in Ireland, just behind the Guiness Brewery. This was an incredible experience and the only thing I wished for was Moher time! I thought the same of Galway and really enjoyed the music being played on the street. If I had the opportunity to stay another week, I would take advantage of the golf courses that Ireland has to offer, and work in a fishing trip or something along those lines. Ireland has plenty to offer, as you can see on the website

This website created by the Irish government for their tourism has taken a global approach to draw in visitors, which has definitely been a driver for their tourism revenue. At the Cliffs of Moher, I heard a multitude of people speaking different languages enjoying the cliffs. When we arrived in Galway, I even heard my own native language Serbo-Croatian, being spoken in the streets. In our heated and polarized political climate that seems to span the whole world, it seems like Ireland welcomes all with open arms. And continuing on that, tourists that come here cooperate with the Irish attitude of acceptance. 

Something discussed on the website is how visitors have a tendency to extend their visit and explore the island much more in depth than just Dublin. We are an example of this as we toured the other side of the country yesterday. I think this will do wonders for the economy, but I think Ireland should be careful to not make the economy of places other than Dublin only revolve around tourism. That being said, I believe with the economic incentives and push for their people to begin businesses, I believe Ireland will experience unbelievable growth in the next 10 years. 

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