Milano: Day 7

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Italy for a whole week at this point. However, with exhaustion setting in, it makes it more believable. I’m so focused on fitting as much into my day as possible that there’s not a lot of time to rest. I was warned of how much walking I’d be doing but didn’t expect to see that I’ve walked 10 miles a day on multiple occasions. I found this to be something different about this lifestyle when compared to ours at home. Hopefully it’s making up for indulging in all of this Italian food!

Today was our last day in Milan until Thursday, but we had one more big stop on our agenda before we leave. To begin the day we walked and walked until we arrived outside of 10 Corso Como. This was a familiar location as we had previously done a walking tour all throughout this area. I remember being sad that we couldn’t spend more time inside looking around at the different products they had to offer. 10 Corso Como is a high end retailer for a variety of designers and some even choose to sell exclusive products here. I saw items by Gucci, Balenciaga and several other artists I wasn’t quite as familiar with.

After looking around, we finally started on our journey to the Fashion District. Prior to departing I had looked up a few must see places during my time here in Milan. One of them that was high on my list was the Quadrilateral District. Well, today was the day. You know you’ve arrived when you look down the road and solely see designer. We passed several gorgeously structured stores. Some were the typical designers that we’ve seen all over Milan such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Tiffany’s, yet it also included brands like Valentino, Balmain and Cartier. In a previous tour it was mentioned that this district accounts for 12% of the income here which is truly a crazy concept but makes sense considering the high prices of the goods sold in these stores.

One of my favorite parts was going into the Adidas store. It was truly mesmerizing and so fun to see so many different products/designs being sold that I wouldn’t be able to find in the US. One of my other favorite stops was at Urban Outfitters. I had no idea I would find my favorite store in Milan, so it came as such a surprise to me. It was really interesting to see a brand that I’ve shopped at in many different locations throughout the US such as Philly, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and New york but this time in a different country. Honestly, it really didn’t stray too much from what I had seen before, but it did have items that were only sold in Europe so I wouldn’t be able to get them at home. This of course made it very hard to resist purchasing them. Something else that surprised me was that they used the same app reward system as us and accepted coupons that I had earned at home. The rest of the night was spent resting up and packing to move on to our next destination, Verona. Ciao for now!

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