New City to Old City: Saturday May 11th

We had to check out of the hotel by 9am so we ate the hotel breakfast before then. The drive to Gyeongju is about 4 hours but we stopped twice, once for a restroom break and once for a lunch break. Most of us slept the first stretch but were wide awake for the second. The rest stops were really nice, the bathrooms are 10x better than the ones in the US and there were games and cafes going around there! Got a crispy creme caramel glazed donut; first American food since we got to Korea! 

The scenery outside was very mountainous. It was also lusciously green with no specks of dried grass or empty dry land. To compare, it looks like the Appalachian Mountains more i guess mountainous instead of hilly and sharper at the tops. In Gyeongju the main crops for farming are rice, mushroom, and beef from cows. We passed by a lot of farmland and rice paddy fields. May is the time to plant rice so we saw a bunch of farmers plant some sticky rice. The farming here is only done once a year because of winter, unlike Thailand or Vietnam where they do several crops a year. 

view from out hotel in Gyeongju

Gyeongju is known as the historical old city and its been really well preserved from the kingdoms and ancient times. Once we checked into our hotel, which is much nicer than the one in Seoul, we chilled for a little bit and then a bunch of us collectively decided to go to an amusement park next door called Gyeongju World. It’s about a third of fourth of the size of Hershey Park so its small but its been like 2 or 3 years since I’ve been on a roller coaster so I was a little taken back by all the fun g-force. The park was quite full given that it was a Saturday evening. The view from the top of several rides was incredibly pretty.

They had ramen in the amusement park cafes!! And they sold these really cute cotton candy shaped bunnies. The park closed at 8:30pm so a friend an I got chicken outside nearby. I still haven’t tried Korean fried chicken and I looked hard for some but no luck; we got barbecue chicken instead!

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