Traveling to Gyeongju

On Saturday, we left Seoul and went on the long bus ride to Gyeongju. I stopped by the convenient store next to our hotel in Seoul to grab some snacks and boarded the bus for the long ride all the way to Gyeongju. For most of the ride I slept while listening to a little music. I had my neck pillow on so that my neck would not get sore, and it worked like a charm. At our first stop I got two doughnuts, one glaze and one chocolate glaze, from Krispy Kreme. The doughnuts were both very good and gave me the energy I needed to make it the rest of the trip.

A little later we made another stop. I was disappointed that we stopped again because we were less than an hour from our next hotel and I would have preferred to power it out and just drive the rest of the way. That stop lasted a while, which was a tad annoying, but eventually we left and drove the rest of the way.

After checking in at our hotel, I walked around Gyeongju for a little to explore the city. It is completely different than Seoul. Seoul is way more populated and feels like a huge city, while Gyeongju has a more nature feel to it. There are tons of rivers, trees and grass areas to walk around. Near our hotel there is an amusement park so I decided to go there and check it out. There was one very large roller coaster there, so when I got there I went on that one first. The line was around 20 minutes, but well worth the wait. There was a huge drop at the beginning where you were stopped right before dropping for a few seconds which added to the anticipation. There were a few other fun rides and overall it was a great first day in Gyeongju.

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