Warriors and the Wall

Today was a fun but tiring day. This morning we went to see the terracotta warriors, which were not entirely what I had expected. The beginning of our tour was in a museum type building with the history of the terracotta warriors and a few excavated statues in display cases. This caught me off guard as I was expecting to see the excavation site with the warriors lined up inside (all in due time). We then moved through the excavation sites one by one. The first 2 were smaller and had several broken statues, which we were told were broken by ancient civilians who did not believe that they would protect the emperor in the afterlife. these sites were still being excavated which allowed us to see the tools and equipment that were used in excavating these national treasures. The third was small but one of the more significant sites as it is guessed to be the command post for the first two sites, housing multiple generals. The final site we visited was the most iconic as it was the largest and had the most warriors on display. It is this site that you would find pictures of, most easily, if you googled “terracotta warriors.” This was by far the busiest site we visited, so being a larger American came in handy when trying to make my way through the crowds.

From the terracotta warriors, we went to lunch (a western style buffet that did not have western food, lol) where we first met the group of Norwegian students (I’ll come back to this later) followed by biking the city wall of Xi’an. Due to the quality of the air, we were given face masks (optional, but everyone thought it was fun) which we all sported during our bike ride, paired with shades, which made us look like we were from the wild west. The bike ride was interesting and made me realize two things: China loves its walls, and walls mean a lot of exercises. The 16-mile ride was an exhausting one, especially given the wind against us during the longest stretch of wall, but we managed to finish in about an hour! After finishing our adventure and waiting for the others to return to the starting point we once again ran into the Norwegian group where Matt and Drew decided to try to work their magic, to no avail but it was entertaining none the less. We then returned to our hotel where we finished our second project proposal before heading back to the Muslim quarter for one last round of shopping before leaving Xi’an in the morning.

Xi’an was a lot of fun, but I’m really looking forward to Shanghai. I’m expecting our last stop in China to be more of a bustling city than the two stops that proceeded it. I’m excited for more company visits and the river cruise. The last few days have been tiring and I’m hoping that the train ride to Shanghai will allow me to recuperate; till then!

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