Coffee for Costa Rica

Today we visited cafe 1820, which was unlike any other place we have visited on this trip. While at Cafe Britt they mentioned that most of the good coffee gets exported to other countries, leaving Costa Rica with no high quality coffee. Cafe 1820 sells 99% of its coffee to Costa Rica. They produce a much cheaper version of coffee than the other sites we have visited such as Cafe Britt and Doka. 1820 is pretty small with only 50 workers producing a total of 23 tons of ground coffee daily. They produce so much coffee because they are so popular in Costa Rica due to their inexpensive prices, and they are one of the only companies that sell so much to Costa Rica so they dominate the market.

The quality that Cafe 1820 produces is not as high as the other roasters. This makes sense due to the very inexpensive price tag it holds. Another coffee popular in Costa Rica is instant coffee with is when the lowest quality beans are ground up and mixed with water to make coffee. In my homestay we have instant coffee with breakfast, and I think it is pretty good. It is definitely not as high of quality as the coffees I have had on our site visits, but better than a lot of coffee in America. I believe Ticos should expect more out of their coffee as their country is producing such high quality coffee, but exporting most of it.

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