Dublin Doesn’t Have Dunkin’ Donuts :(

Today we walked throughout Trinity College and the Docklands with Dr. Darren Kelly who shared his personal experiences during Dublin’s economic expansion.

Dr. Kelly first explained that out of high school, he did not go to college because it was not enforced in the Irish Education System as it is in the States. It was not until he spent time as a student in the US that he realized the value of education and decided to pursue a college degree. Dr. Kelly related this to all of Ireland and how everyone thought this way, making it a blue-collard country. It was not until Ireland decided to give people free education that people decided to attend — turning it into a white-collar country which is the reason for the growth and development of so many countries.

I believe that Ireland’s economic expansion is due to many things — including all of which Dr. Kelly mentioned. He discussed that Irish people are so hard working and they got to where they are because of that. The Irish people were motivated by wanting to be a separate entity from Britain and so they did everything in their power to do accomplish that. Their hard work ethic was almost a revolt against being controlled; it was to show that they could do it on their own. Dr. Kelly has lived through the economic expansion of Ireland — watching it turn from nothing into a global start-up breeding ground. Being able to hear first-hand the changes the city has experienced was both educational and enlightening.

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