Hot chocolate and the Mall

Today was a long day filled with group activities and company visits. It started with breakfast in the new hotel. The other hotel definitely had better breakfast, but here I was still able to get a croissant! We then loaded onto a bus and headed to NAD which is a fashion design school here. It’s one of the only schools here that actually can give you a master level degree in this kind of design. This was a cool presentation because we were able to learn about specific opportunities students who went here had. They competed in competitions in both interior design and fashion. It was so cool to see what they had come up with. A hard part about this visit was being able to understand the people because they spoke Italian and then we had an interpreter who repeated what they said in English. Almost every conversation had to go through the interpreter which took longer than it would have if this were not the case. One great part of this visit was the vending machine that served small coffee and even hot chocolate. I paid only 60 cents for a tiny cup of the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted. I cannot believe it came from a vending machine. After the fashion design school lecture, we headed to a building that was like a mall in the United States. We were able to get a bite to eat and then we went shopping in all the Italian stores. It was cool to see some brands that we have in American like Sephora but there were so many that are mostly based in Europe. After the mall, we went to a company called Mero and More. This company helps designers go from having an idea to a real sample. They can use the space to design something and then put it into the computer and then get the material cut. Then they send it away to get sewed and it comes back to them all put together. It was cool to see the process here because I have never heard of a company like this in the United States. Again this was a difficult visit because of the language barrier. Having to listen to both the Italian and the english made it harder to stay focused for and understand what was happening. After a long day of visits, we took a nap and blogged. Next we plan on getting Aperitivo which is a popular Italian buffet. I can’t wait to go to Venice tomorrow!

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