Day 9: Can Time Slow Down?

This morning, we navigated a new breakfast buffet at our new hotel. I decided on a chocolate pastry, a mini muffin, and some prosciutto. The water pitcher was constantly being refilled as everyone on this trip is really missing free American water. In Italy, you have to pay for bottled water in restaurants. It’s not that the tap isn’t safe, the Italians just like to drink the bottled water. I realize a few euros for a bottle isn’t too much, I just don’t like the principle of paying for water. 

We got to the Verona design school and had a presentation about the school and saw some of the students’ work. In the United States, you can major in a lot of different design related things, but that is not the case in Italy. Architecture is the only major available that’s somewhat related to design. This school fills that gap in Italian schooling.

After the lecture, and Italian student of course approached us to discuss politics. He asked us why we love guns so much and why we voted for Trump. It was sort of an awkward conversation trying to explain that a lot of sweeping generalizations about Americans are incorrect. International media definitely pushes a certain image of America that doesn’t show the whole picture. He didn’t mean any harm and was just curious about a different country than his own, but it was strange being confronted with negative stereotypes. 

We went to the local mall to eat lunch and had some free time to shop. We were very strategic about this trip and wanted to use our free time to the fullest. My friends and I ate a quick lunch then did an incredibly fast speed walk to each store. I ended up getting a cute swim top and some sun glasses. I’m a big fan of the Italian stores. 

We then visited Mero and More, a company that provides up and coming fashion designers with a space to work at an affordable rate. They provide the education and equipment needed to excel in the industry. Mero and More is part of a large fashion consortium of over 300 Italian companies. Our guide said that they don’t have a huge market in the United States because Americans often value clothing brands over the clothing quality in the mid-priced market.  I can’t believe it’s already day 9. I know the end of our trip is near and I don’t like it.

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