Starting off the the blog today, I would like to take a little bit of time to discuss about the relevant and educational events that took place today. The whole duration of today was spent on the province of Tigre. Tigre is a area that covers around 360 kilometer squared, it is dominated by a large amount of islands, the islands take up 220 kilometer squared out of the 360 total area. 
Moving on to the most important facility that we visited today-The municipal hospital of Tigre. Just judging from the appearance of the hospital, it looks a lot more sanitized and well funded compared to the other public hospitals we have seen. In addition, we learned that the municipal hospital of Tigre was able to outperform a lot of the other public hospitals that are in its relative size and accessibility range. I believe this is mainly due to two reasons-the location and dynamic of the population of the hospital and its infrastructure that makes it into such an efficient system. 
Firstly, it is crucial to discuss that Tigre is relatively wealthy area and this leads to a over all better quality service that is provided by the hospital. From our tour today, we learned that the supplies of the hospital is provided partly by the central Argentinian government and partly by its own municipality. By Tigre being the wealthier of the other municipalities, it is most likely that it has more resource flow to its hospital. In addition, wealthier areas often created higher moral standard and moral codes, this in exchange makes the hospital easier to sustain and more convenient to operate. 
Moreover, Tigre’s municipal hospital is also outperforming other hospitals because of its efficient infrastructure. From the tour today, the most important thing about the success of the infrastructure seemed to be its control of variability, or the increased focus on specialization. In Tigre, staffs that are specialized workers are designed to serve regularly at that department as suppose to doing interchangeable positions. By implementing this structure, it ensures consistency of health care services in the hospital and accelerates the speed of service. 
Overall, there are many benefits to this type of infrastructure mixed with this type of environment. One of the biggest benefits, is that citizens or non-citizens don’t have to pay anything in order to receive higher than average in quality services. In addition, hospitals such as Tigre works as an example for other public hospitals in order for innovation of the industry.

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