A different side of Tigre

Today we visited a different side of Tigre that we did not really get a chance to see yesterday and was very different from the beautiful private developments alongside the water. We visited a community center called Conin that looks after pregnant women before and after they have had their children, and the children after they are born. They serve as a major source of support for the women and children in the community as they help the mothers look after and love their children. We had the chance to look around the center and see all their different facilities such as playrooms, kitchens, and closets to keep donated items and had the opportunity to play with the kids there. I then had the chance to walk around the community surrounding the center with one of the ladies that worked there, which was an incredibly eye-opening experience. While there will be income and socioeconomic disparities in most communities, I was not expecting the difference to be this drastic. The poverty-ridden area around the community was shocking to me after seeing the significantly nicer-looking areas yesterday, and although this disparity exists, Tigre is still considered to be one of the wealthiest provinces. I personally do not think such a drastic disparity is good for the community even though the province as a whole has more resources, as so many people are still living in desolate conditions with little to no access to basic resources. The fact that they do have such nice healthcare facilities funded by the municipality and taxes is very beneficial to those living in these impoverish conditions. In a capitalistic society it is likely that there will be different social classes; however, it is sad to see the state of their houses and other living conditions. Globalization also allows for economic development but can also create inequality as some people are left behind for various such as income, lack of knowledge or access and many others, and thus furthers the disparity between the rich and the poor. However, the knowledge, resources, and technological developments can also help decrease inequality in society as it could be a source of potentially new opportunities. Globalization can help educate people that will help them rise up in society and surpass the restraints that their socioeconomic conditions may have placed on them. I really enjoyed meeting the kids today and spending time with them, as it was energizing to see their positive attitudes. After that, we had lunch and then went to a Tango lesson in a really cool location. It was fun to actually try to do something that we had seen a couple of times and made me gain a greater appreciation for how talented tango dancers are.

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