Company Visits in Ulsan

On Monday, we visited two companies in Ulsan. The first company that we visited was Jinsan Marine Management Co. Jinsan Marine is a shipping company that started in 1990. When we got there, we were provided with snacks some snacks which was very nice of them and then given a presentation about the company. We learned about the history of the company, what they do and where their main markets and products are. They are a company that sends out ship parts and other things needed on a ship to different companies. They have expanded a bit but that is their main focus as a company. Most of the companies that they send parts to are in Korea, Greece, Japan and Singapore with other locations such as a few in the United States. After the presentation we got a tour around their warehouses and saw some of the inventory that they shipped to other companies.

Later in the day after we had lunch, we went to see Hyundai Heavy Industries. At Hyundai Heavy Industries they make ships. When we were there, we started off by looking at a museum like display of the history of the company and what they do. They had a display there that showed all of Ulsan and it was crazy to see how much of Ulsan is parts of Hyundai. After we were done with the museum, we went on a bus tour of the ship yard. We had to take a bus around because it was too large to walk, and I quickly noticed that was true because it would have taken us hours to walk the area. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures there but the ships we saw were gigantic and there were countless ships there. I had a great day in Ulsan, and am excited to head to Busan.

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