The Dr. Is In

Dr. Darren Kelly, a graduate of Saint Patrick’s college and current international lecturer. His qualifications online do not seem to list the American schools he went to, neither do they list studies at the Dublin schools he spoke on. Nonetheless, he seemed at the levels of a Dublin equivalent Stanford professor as he stated. Also, he stated he went to Miami of Ohio for school as well.

His beliefs on the Irish being more adaptable and creative than others was interesting to me. While I disagree with the generalization, as Americans typically are the higher paid nationality abroad due to work ethic and strictly high-performance culture.

Ireland, I’d say what I’ve seen differs from this. As the shops close earlier, do not provide all services, and those in office spaces leave earlier than in America.

Yesterday was great as well, since we got to tour Google and see the innovation that takes place at their EMEA HQ. I loved being able to experience their first-hand problem solving and seeing the Google corporate style in the EMEA environment compared with America.

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