Seeing a new side, Dockside

Our trip is really flying by, but in the short time we’ve been here we have seen and learned a lot about Ireland. We have been able to learn a lot about different businesses, both private and government run, as well as explore the city. We have interacted with a lot of natives and from our tours I think that I am starting to understand Irish history with more clarity. Especially after our tour today with Dr. Darren Kelly, who used bus our personal history to give us a detailed account on just how quick and chaotic growth has been here in Ireland.

Dr. Darren Kelly kept referring to the movie Big and relating that to the speed the Ireland completely changed its education system which in turn helped changing its class of workers. Ireland’s government sponsored a lot of education in order to give its people opportunity it would never have without them. After a comprehensive education background of the country, Kelly showed us pictures of how Dublin looked just 10-20 years ago. Being able to compare those pictures and then walk to those locations was very impactful. Talking about the impact that the housing market had on people and how debt drove people to ending their own lives gave me a whole new perspective on Ireland. Kelly talked about how the Irish people have used their soft skills like communication and human relation in order to succeed and from those events in Irish history that we discussed, I do agree with him. But while I agree, I believe anyone can develop their soft skills. It all comes down to adaptability and while I think the Irish have a great example of perseverance and adaptability, I believe we can all learn from them and attempt to incorporate the same things into our own business endeavors.

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