South Korean Seesaw

With the main purpose of the day to travel to Gyeongju, it started out with not much to do. We drove for a few hours with some rest-stops in the middle before arriving at the hotel in Gyeongju. My eyes were immediately drawn to the large rollercoaster clearly visible across the lake next to the hotel. After some napping and recovering, we decided it was time to head to Gyeongju World.

It took a bit to pass the language barrier while getting our tickets, but we were finally inside. We immediately began heading towards Dragon Valley, home of the largest coaster in the park. After a 40 minute wait we were at the front of the line, and it was time to go. Upon reaching the top of the chain, I was instantly amazed at the view it presented of the park and lake. My view was interrupted as we began plumetting towards the ground in a corkscrew, and after a few more loops, twists, and turns, we were back at the station.

This is when the highlight of the day came about. Just outside of the ride, we found a small childrens area, with 2 seesaws present. A few of us (including me) quickly hopped on and began bouncing up and down with our partners. The locals in line seemed fairly perplexed as we continued laughing and bouncing outside the ride for a few minutes. We attempted to bring others to come ride with us, but they did not seem to want any of it.

After exploring the park a little more and riding a few rides, we ended our park-time with a ride up the ferris wheel, which provided quite the stunning view. Before leaving, however, we stopped by a specialty cotton candy shop where they created various fun shapes and animals. I ended up getting the flower-shaped cotton candy.

Lastly, we stopped at dominoes for dinner, where we ordered Bulgogi pizza and Potato pizza, which were both fairly interesting. I will say the bulgogi was kind of ‘eh’ and the corn did not seem to belong. The potato pizza, on the other hand, was pretty good and kinda just tasted like eating pizza with french fries.

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