Day 10: T is for Tuesday, Tigre, AND Tango

Today was a super fun day in Argentina. We started the day in Tigre (again) at Conin, a community health center focused on nutrition and life skills for mothers. Next, we had lunch, and then went to a tango lesson! Overall, I enjoyed the day much more than I was expecting to, which was a nice surprise.

Throughout our two visits to Tigre, it was apparent that there was a lot of disparity between the economic groups living in the municipality. While traveling among the islands, we saw multiple larger, nice houses and fancy boats. Yesterday we even ate lunch at a private boat club. On the other hand, when visiting the health center today, we were informed that approximately 70% of the children were underweight due to the lack of food in the area. This kind of inequality within any area is bad. Having this large of a gap between social groups, especially in a single municipality, shows an error in the municipality’s governing body. The purpose of a government is to protect and provide for its people, which is obviously not being upheld if 70% of children are malnourished.

Globalization is both a positive and a negative phenomenon. Many people say that due to the expansion of modern technology, the whole world is on a level playing field and is able to achieve the same level of success, whether economic or otherwise. This is partially true, because having modern innovations like the internet means that people can become educated, start businesses, and contribute to the economy by purchasing products online, all faster than ever. People in the US, Argentina, and China can all compete for the same jobs, all because of the spread of innovations and ideas through globalization. However, saying that the metaphorical playing field is “leveled” by globalization is a stretch. In theory, this “playing field” should be level, but what is actually happening is that the impoverished are becoming poorer and the wealthy are becoming richer. People who can afford new technology are using it to better themselves and their businesses, as is expected and as they should. But there are still people who rely on their family’s farm to provide enough food to survive. This kind of situation occurs in areas where there is no advanced agricultural equipment, let alone internet access. Overall, globalization has its pros and cons, and these pros and cons are very apparent in places like Tigre.

Tomorrow we are visiting Codika Solutions, a software developing company, and then visiting La Boca! Check back tomorrow night to read all about it.

*Picture shows a plant that one of the little boys at Conin gave me 🙂

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