Day 9: How do those people bend like that?

The day before today started with a bullet train ride where I spent a good amount of the time watching Good Will Hunting and freaking out about the 76ers game even though I don’t watch sports.

When we arrived, we got into the bus and headed to the hotel. On the way, I honestly wasn’t very impressed by Shanghai but as we got deeper into the city my eyes began to glow with excitement. Shanghai is beautiful, easily one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to and this was only amplified by the five-star regal national hotel. This place is magnificent with an indoor bowling alley, pool, and tennis courts. Staying here feels very regal and the breakfast is fantastic. Dinner was a great pizza dinner which was definitely needed after all of the Chinese food we’ve eaten. It was so nice to eat pizza and French fries, but it was weird how there was no salt on anything. After dinner, we all went to the Huangpu river cruise which showed us the whole city.  Shanghai is a wonderful city; the skyline was unbelievable, and the Shanghai tower is the second tallest building in the world, so it was even more breathtaking to lay witness to.

Today started with an amazing breakfast of eggs and bacon, its so good to have English food again. After breakfast, we were off to the prestigious East China University of Science and Technology where we got to tour their slightly disappointing campus. Although the campus wasn’t fantastic it was homey and lecture that we had on business arbitration was very interesting. Following the lecture, we got lunch from their cafeteria which was good but disappointing compared to the rest of the food we’ve had here. The final part of the university visit was a presentation about the school followed with a performance game and a Q&A session with the students. The performance game was hilarious! It was basically a game created for elementary school children, but it was still a lot of fun and the Q&A afterwards provided a lot of information of how school in china works. The visit to East China University of Science and Technology was very enriching. The next thing on the agenda was a visit to the Shanghai urban planning museum. This museum was very interesting to see and provided a lot of insight on the development of Shanghai as a city. Shanghai, as it is today, was only in true development for the past twenty years which is absolutely amazing since now it holds more than twenty-four million people and is one of the worlds leading cities for business and technology.

To end the night, we all went to a Chinese acrobatics show. This show was one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen in my entire life. Every act was a showcase of huge skill and large amounts of practice. My favorite part was when Matt Acker and Jake Cankar had to head up on stage and perform in a joke section, it was so funny. Today was a total success!

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