Il Giorno Undici: Ritorno del Consorzio

Buongiorno tutti.! Il nostro giorno a Verona started with a hearty breakfast of croissants, mozzarella e pomodori, and several glasses of succo di arancia. After breakfast, we walked from our hotel to our first and last scheduled activity of the day, a visit to the Fashion Consortium of Verona.

At the Consorzio della Moda, we were treated with a presentation that allowed us to gain an overview of the organization and its history. In 2000, Il Consorzio was founded by fashion companies in the Veneto region of Italy with the purpose of forming a private guild that would create a “strength in numbers” advantage for the firms. Most of the members of the Consortium are very small, family-run businesses with most having fewer than than twenty workers; the organization allows members to help each other internally while simultaneously gaining an international reach through shared knowledge and marketing. “United we stand” was the motto brought up to describe the idea behind the organization, and with 48 members of Il Consorzio, some of whom are direct competitors, dissent and schisms would occur if the members did not work in coopetition, or cooperation between competitors for mutually beneficial results. Il Consorzio additionally aims to be fast in term of production and maintain a high level of customer service, all the while promoting “Made in Italy”. These three words are of great importance because they connotate high-quality fashion, and Il Consorzio ensures that every member has all of their production in Veneto; if a firm has some production in Veneto but outsources parts of production elsewhere, then they are not allowed to be in the organization.

The presentation then moved from Il Consorzio to asking us about our opinions and views of Verona. Much like promoting “Made in Italy”, the presenters wanted to promote their city and all of its hidden magic outside of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Giulietta, which they did not seem to care for since The Bard actually plagiarized the story from Luigi da Porta. It was marvelous to see such city pride and a desire to bring out the best of Verona by the speakers, and this experience reminded me to always be proud of my hometown of Pittsburgh.

The presenters called Verona a “hidden gem”, and I can totally agree with those words. Verona era bellisimo, especially with its small-city atmosphere and dazzling, classical architecture. My favorite part of the city has to be Il Ponte di Castelvecchio, which is gorgeous all the time with its views, but extra gorgeous at sunset. I would recommend Verona to anyone traveling through il nord di Italia, and I will certainly miss questa città very much when we leave tomorrow.

Ti volgio bene Verona e ci vediamo tutti!

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