A Day at the Duomo


This morning we were able to sleep in until 10! We walked back to the modern district of Milan and spent a half of an hour exploring 10 Corso Como. 10 Corso Como is a modern fashion store, which actively pursues contemporary and alternative designers to sell for. Corso Como also hosts a book store, restaurant, and a space for art exhibition. This modern store is located in a classic Italian building with a large garden within the center courtyard.

After we explored Corso Como, we went on a guided walking tour through the fashion blocks of Milan. On the way we stopped by a section of the old canals, most of which have been covered over in the expansion and modernization of the city. The short section of canals we were able to see was dry but we could see the wooden water locks designed by Leonardo Da Vinci that used to be used to regulate water levels.

After the tour a group of us went to lunch, and afterwards I stayed out in the Duomo square with Nolan. We waited for a couple of hours by the church, hoping to attend the 6:30pm mass. While there we experienced the centennial celebration of the Alpini, the Italian national guard for the north alpine border of the country. Thousands had gathered to celebrate their dedication to their country. It was amazing to see their national pride and experience the songs and festivities in the square.

We were unable to attend the Duomo mass because they were hosting a mass for the Alpini only. We met with the Bursics around 6:25pm and decided to attend a mass at a different church a few blocks away. It was a small yet beautiful building, and luckily we arrived just as it began to pour down rain with massive thunder claps. Nolan and I returned to the hotel after the mass and I got dinner with one of the groups. When I returned from dinner, I began to pack for the trip to Verona tomorrow!

It feels weird to pack up from the Hotel Sempione only to return in a couple days, but I am excited to see more of the Italian country side!


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