School, Shopping, and Eating

Today was our first full day in Verona and we started with a visit to a local design school. The school we visited was called Nuova Accademia del Design and they have three specialities: interior design, visual design, and fashion design. We had the opportunity to hear from professors and students about their experiences with the school. One particularly interesting event that occurred was when three students shared with us their first year project. The project was to work with a company that gave the students a task and specific requirements. The students we heard from worked with a French furniture company and they created models for hotel rooms. The rooms looked great and I was really impressed with their work. After that, a separate group of students focused on fashion showed us their first year projects. Their were tasked with designing and producing an outfit in only a few months. They all showed us their outfit on mannequins and I once again was very impressed. I can’t even imagine how I would go about piecing all of the fabric components together for a women’s dress and the fact that these students designed and produced an outfit in only a few months amazed me. 

We said goodbye to everyone at the design school after the presentation about dresses and headed to a very large shopping mall. We had plenty of free time to eat and shop there. I bought a thick hoodie because I did not pack warm clothes for the trip. Most people bought at least one item because it seems like we all packed for the wrong temperature for this trip. The mall was just like a shopping mall in the United States and I didn’t run into anything super special during my time there.

To wrap up the day, we visited a fashion consortium called Mera & More. They gave us a tour of their machinery and supply of fabrics. This was one of the smaller company headquarters that we have visited so far and it was interesting to compare their business to the larger companies we have already visited. Something interesting about the consortium is that they have many smaller companies under them and this gives them the competitive advantage of being nimble in the marketplace and able to change designs quickly. 

Tomorrow we take a day trip to Venice and I’m very excited to see the city!

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