A Sunset I’ll Never Forget

This morning we gathered for our first breakfast at the Hotel San Luca, where I had a delicious cappuccino with breakfast pastries! After breakfast we gathered in the lobby to start our day. We took a private coach bus to Nuova Accademia Del Design, a Veronese design academy which offers three year programs in architectural, fashion, and visual design. Here we learned more about what specifically the academy has to offer. They take a modern approach to learning with small smart class styles. Each class is recorded so the students can return to the lecture at any time, and each student has a personal relationship with their professors so that questions are more natural for the students.

We stopped at a modern shopping mall for a couple of hours to eat lunch and shop a little. And after we bussed over to Mero & More.

At Mero & More, we learned about another step in the fashion production process. A Modelista takes a designer’s idea and realizes it in CAD, for machines to understand and create in industrial production. The machines will cut fabric with precise patterns for Mero & More. They then outsource the stitching of the fabrics together, but have the clothes returned for quality control and the inclusion of the brand logo.

After the tour of Mero &More, we again boarded the bus to return to the hotel San Luca in Verona. After a short nap, a large group of us went out to get pasta from a local eatery called Bigoi! The pasta was delicious and cheap. Afterwards we were returning to the hotel but decided to stop at the castle bridge for a sunset photo session above the Adige river. This was a favorite moment of mine on the trip! The view was made up of the setting sun, the shining Adige, the ancient Roman city, and the Alps shining with an orange glow. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Afterwards, we returned to the hotel to prepare for the incoming Venice visit!

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