Today I Fell For Venice

Today was the best yet! Venice was the most amazing experience of my life!

After a beautiful train ride across the Italian countryside, with an amazing view of the Alps and the passing Italian vineyards, the train crossed the venetian lagoon and into the city of Venice. Immediately out of the train station we were treated to a unique experience of taking a water taxi to San Marco square. We got a quick look at the square and broke off for a lunch break. I had a delicious order of spaghetti and meatballs! We then explored a little bit of the area in our free time but return to San Marco square for the beginning of our walking tour.

Our tour guide explained that byzantine architecture was used in the Doge’s palace and San Marco Basilica, identifying the elaborate mosaics on the Basilica. She also explained that Saint Mark the evangelist was the city’s historic protector and that his symbol, the winged lion, would be found throughout the city. After an amazing tour through the city, we returned to the train station and were given two and a half hours to explore at our whim. I explored the city and was able to enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate in a venetian bar, take amazing photos of the lowering sun on the open water, and find a number of amazing gifts for both myself and my family members.

At the end of the our free time we gathered again at the train station. Here, Frank and Dr. Bursic offered to buy us gelato and we were able to enjoy this Italian special as we boarded our train to leave for Verona. I didn’t want to leave this ancient city, but boarded the train nevertheless.

I love Italy.

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