Day 10 – AmCham and Horiba Company Visits

Today was our second full day of company visits, first for Shanghai! I was really excited to get a first-hand look at some companies that are successful in such a prosperous and expansive city.

First we visited AmCham, the American Chamber of Commerce. This company is known to be the “voice of American business” in China and is the largest American Chamber is the Asia Pacific with around 3000 members and 1500 companies. The main focus of this company is to build relationships, provide information services, government advocacy, provide visa services, along with much more. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this company visit but it was super interesting! We learned a lot about trade and the trade war going on right now and how that has affected the economy in China. The two presenters were both initially from the United States, so it was especially intriguing to learn their perspectives from both the U.S. side and China’s side. China makes up approximately 18.7% of the global total of the economy and it is expected to increase to about 20% by 2020. China’s growth over the past forty years is very impressive and I’m sure they will continue to make their presence known in the global economy as their technology continues to advance. One way that China hopes to increase their presence is by improving worker productivity and continuing to urbanize China as they are currently only 60% urbanized. They also discussed the HUCO system that is very prevalent in the communist country where you are only allowed access to resources from the city in which you are registered these types of resources include: public school, healthcare and much more. Overall, I felt this company visit was super enlightening and very interesting. Learning about China’s economy is very important, especially with how quickly they are rising in global ranks.

Following our visit at AmCham we went for lunch! Today’s lunch was apparently very traditional for Shanghai, I tried squid, surprisingly it wasn’t that bad! I was very nervous though.

Our second company visit of the day was at Horiba. They operate under five different businesses: automotive test systems, process & environment, medical diagnostic, semiconductor, and scientific. Their corporate motto is “joy and fun” and they presented about exciting challenges that are brought upon each day. Horiba has been very successful in their developments and has achieved 80% market share in an emission measurement system and 100% market share in an automatic blood cell counter. Horiba has research and development centers in countries all over the world including Germany, Japan, France, and the United States. After the presentation we got to walk around and see some of the developments being made. Overall this was an enlightening visit that opened my eyes to the incredible advancements that these companies are making every single day.

After the company visits, we went back to the hotel and had some free time. My friends and I went and got Mexican food for dinner. This was a really nice place right now the road and the food was amazing!!

Tomorrow is another day full of company visits! Hopefully they are just as interesting as todays.

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