Day 9 – East China University of Science and Technology

Our first day in Shanghai! I absolutely love this city. It’s very modern and full of culture, similar to New York city, it feels very familiar. There are shopping malls and restaurants everywhere! It’s amazing.

Last night, after we arrived in Shanghai, we went on a cruise tour on the Huangpu River, this was definitely one of the coolest experiences of my life. The city is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and I am so beyond thankful I got to experience it.

Today we visited the East China University of Science and Technology! This is a very elite university, Dr. Li compared it to the caliber of Penn. When we first arrived, we met a few students who showed us around the university. This university was much different than the one we visited in Beijing, it definitely felt a little older and less concentrated. It was interesting to see the dorms, all the students had their clothes hanging out the window to dry, apparently people in China almost never use dryers. We also got to see the new business building that was built 2016. Following the campus tour, we sat down in a classroom for our first lecture of the day. Peter Peng, an associate professor at the university gave us a presentation about doing business in China. There are many international companies in Shanghai because of the investments made by companies in the U.S. He also discussed the trade agreements that China is making and their efforts in launching a free trade zone. They have established a list where foreign investors are banned and where they aren’t, he referred to this method as the negative list, although Shanghai does not use this method. China is also working towards establishing foreign investment law by January 2020 in order to solidify their treatment of foreign and domestic investors. So far, China has signed 19 free trade agreements and they are still negotiating 13 others. After the first lecture we went to lunch at the dining hall and then went to listen to another speaker.

We then travelled to the Shanghai Urban Planning museum which was surprisingly super interesting! There was a really neat layout of the entire city of Shanghai and they also had a lot of facts and statistics of the cities efforts in becoming more sustainable.

We then travelled back to the hotel and then off to dinner! Dinner was really good tonight, we had banquet style, per usual, but we had some authentic Shanghai noodles! They were super yummy! I hope we have them again before we leave.

Following dinner we traveled to the mall to see an acrobatic show. This area was amazing, there was so many high end stores that I could never afford, but it was still cool to see! The acrobatic show was absolutely insane, the performers were so talented. They pulled people from the crowd and a few people from our group got picked – it was hilarious! Once the show ended a few of us stayed back and walked around Shanghai for a bit, I love this city!

That’s all for today-tomorrow should be a busy day with two company visits!

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