Day 10: The great company adventure

Today started, as usual, with a great breakfast. This morning it starred a really good waffle and some espresso which was really great. We then were off to AmCham, the American Chamber of Shanghai. government to work together on creating a better world. This was especially prominent with the recent trade tariffs between China and the USA. In the meeting, we talked about China’s rapidly improving economy over the past twenty years where it rose from holding about one percent of global GDP to about twenty percent of global GDP. These numbers are significant and are projected to even keep rising and eventually surpass the US’s twenty five percent. From the presentation, I was able to see that China is a rapidly growing world power looking to continue economic growth and looking to negotiate free trade with other countries. As mentioned by one of our lecturers, China is attempting to create a free trade agreement with the United Kingdoms currently and planning to begin planning one with the United States when the trade war eventually ends. Another interesting thing about AmCham was that the US ambassador was there visiting to do a monthly check up on how business relations are in China. AmCham was a wonderful experience and gave great insight into the world of business in China.

Next up was lunch which was great and had really good rice. The rice at that place could have been the best rice I’ve had so far. The place also had amazing soup dumplings which tasted a lot like the ones from everyday noodles in Squirrel Hill. After lunch we headed off to Horiba, an engineering firm which focuses on pH, air quality, and Hematology. This company was amazing, it owned most of the market share for a majority of fields that it was in such as the Hematology devices where they owned one hundred percent of the market share. After a few questions were asked, we got to tour the facility. This facility was fantastic. It had great state of the art labs, 10000 quality clean rooms (extremely low number of particles in the air), a warehouse with birds in it somehow, and a great office space. It was super cool seeing the labs where people were testing many chemical and biological samples. The engine test room was also extremely fascinating since they were testing automotive engines for speed and durability that haven’t even been put on the market yet. Horiba was amazing!

To end the night, I went to a Mexican restaurant about a ten-minute walk from our hotel. This restaurant was fantastic and after eating so much Chinese food the last two weeks it was so nice to eat a girthy burrito and chips.

 The weird thing about Chinese renditions of other foods is that they use no salt so there’s always some taste missing but it’s really great regardless. The best example is m&ms. I went to a convenience store and got some peanut m&ms and it was really weird with no salt but in my opinion slightly better. Tomorrow is our last full day. I’m going to miss China so much!

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