In Fair Verona, Where We Lay Our Scene…

Today was a simple but interesting day! The group gathered in the hotel San Luca’s lobby for a visit at the local Veronese consortium. We walked a short distance to the consortium and sat down for the presentation and question panel. We learned about the consortium’s role as a unifier for small Veronese fashion businesses, and how they bring competing companies together for their common good. The consortium acts as a non-profit organization that supports the industry of Verona. Their mission is to bring Verona greater value, and to have city recognized for far more than just being the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

After the consortium, the group walked back to the hotel and was given the rest of the day to explore Verona. A group of us grabbed lunch and relaxed for a little bit in the hotel because it was cold and rainy. After a about an hour the weather cleared up, revealing a beautiful day. I met a group of friends and we explored Verona throughout the afternoon. This is my second favorite experience, after Venice, from the trip. We crossed the Adige and traveled up a large number of stairs among beautiful Veronese houses. We arrived at the top of the hill and saw the city below us, shining in the sun. This was a very amazing experience.

We walked around the hills for a long while and explored some parks before meeting back at the hotel with the rest of the group. Around sunset the entire group of us gathered at a beach on the Adige. We all spent some time with each other and took pictures in the twilight. After this, a couple of us got churros and walked around in the peaceful Veronese night. This was a wonderful way to spend our last day in Verona.

Tomorrow we pack up to leave the hotel San Luca, expecting a busy day of site visits.


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