Not A Goodbye, Just A See You Later

Today was a very busy day! We woke up for an early breakfast and left the Hotel San Luca and the beautiful city of Verona by 9am. After a short bus ride to the Italian countryside we arrived on location of the full service provider Gruppo Sinergio. We enjoyed a lecture on the fascinating capabilities offered by this company. Their activities and offers include the optimization of digital orders and overall cost for clients, the reduction of order times, inclusion of high security storage, and a highly accurate order tracking system. Gruppo Sinergio is truly capable of beginning to end management of client inventory and,because of their client specific management, they can proudly claim that they have not lost a client in their last ten years of doing business. After the presentation we were toured through their on site warehouse, where we were able to see the concise inventory management in action.

After this, we walked to our next site visit only a couple buildings down. Sartoria Cavour is a tailor shop dedicated to the production of men’s clothing. The owner showed us around the shop and explained a lot about the tailoring process before he demonstrated important details around selecting a correctly sized men’s suit jacket. He used Frank as an example and it was truly amazing to see the passion in his eyes as he explained the different suit types and how their respective fits work. They then offered the group snacks, drinks, and freshly picked strawberries, which were amazingly delicious. After this, the whole group was treated to lunch before our final site visit.

Mario Foroni One, or MF1, is a high end knitting company and was the location of our last site visit of the trip. Here we again saw use of modern Computer Aided Drawing, or CAD, to communicate the works of fashion designers to machines that can automatically create the knitted fabrics that are desired. We toured their manufacturing floor and were showed the nuances of different knitting machines by Mario Foroni himself. After this, we toured the MF1 fashion school that they have just opened on the second floor of their building, and got deeper insight into what a designer must learn in order to be successful.

Next we bussed back to Milan to spend our final two evenings in the city before we depart for our return to America. It’s been great blogging this trip! Hope you enjoyed my perspective!

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